Interactive performance 

A video projection design and produced by Yuri Sato. Was a pleasure to swing in the pretty lights wearing an amazing dress also made by Yuri.

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Art seizure. 


Art seizure. 


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The Rake’s Progress. Paul Shortt.

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Our Town. Tony Cisek.

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WEEK 8 Work Plan.

Goals for this week are: make sure all the materials are ready for the build week. Make polythene curtains and chains. Prepare lighting design references for Peter Clifton. Do research for Lightstream project. Organize finances.


-9:00 Boys Brigade, floor mark up; Check the prop list and references, so ASM is ready to go;

12:00 Purchase orders: SHED/TIMBER/PAINT; (deliver on Mon, 25th Nov);

14:00 Advance money/ Claim back money forms;

15:00 Order from flints: SCREWS/WALL HOOKS/HINGES;

15:30 Discus the choice of curtain tracks and etc with John;

16:00 Have a tutorial with Will: - chairs vs seating; lighting; Ordering PVC heavy duty curtains. How am I making polythene curtains?

17:00 Research lighting: color choices, basic rules, gobos; Make some color wheels;


9:00 Laser cut

9:30 Meeting with Jordan Cutler (technician from Digital Media);

11:00 Meeting with Bournemouth Scaffolds;

12:00 Collect money;

13:00 Go to rehearsals with Kavi and Yuri; discus color schemes used for projections.


9:00 Emails, orders, budgeting;

10:30 Start making polythene curtain;

4:30 LIGHTSTREAM meeting;

18:00 Research for SP;


9:00 Laser cut

10:00 Curtains + Chains(2 x curtains; 4 x heads);

17:00 Research for LIGHSTREAM;


9:00 – 12:00 Laser cut;

13:00 Curtains + Chains;

18:00 Prepare for LIGHTSTREAM;


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Playing around with the lighting and staging ideas.

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About :: Paige Bradley 

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1-2 weeks back. SP begins!

It is great to be back at studios, shame did not use it as much in previous years. However, this time I am going to take the most out of it.

3rd year started a bit rough. My set design was not properly finalized and well developed to be presented for the production team, which was really embarrassing and made me feel unprofessional. Also, after not working on this project for all summer, the set design and concept of the play did not seem to have potential any longer (now I know it is really a bad idea to step away from your work for too long, because you loose a contact with your design and it is hard to bring it back).

However, two weeks passed by already, my model box is well developed and most of the base constructions are nearly made. Only further paint work has to be improved and some key props to be made. Also a clear props and sourced set list has to be finalized. It is going to be time consuming, so I need to make sure I do as soon as model box design is to stage I am happy with (hopefully by the end of this week). 

In terms of making and developing model box, I found it really enjoyable. I feel like my model making skills are pretty good. At some point in the future, would be exciting to work further with theater spaces design through the model making and experimental research of the materials, stage composition and etc.

Have to mention, tutors support and guides were really beneficial for my project development. Also, I believe this time I have managed to organize my work plan much better than for IP unit, which helps my clearly identify what tasks I should be accomplishing by what time and it helps me to stay on track.

For the rest of the third week I have planed meeting with Yuri and Kavi as well as Lighting Technician to discuss stage illuminating possibilities. In order to further develop this side of the design, I have to go back to the text.

I found it important to revision the play as sometimes you get too much stuck into designing, set construction and move way to far from the initial idea.

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Igor Morski - Portfolio 

The follower of S.Dali.

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"A Midsummer Night’s Dream" @ TFANA

Es Delvin

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From Here to Eternity. Soutra Gimour. 


From Here to Eternity. Soutra Gimour. 

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Scott Pask Scenic Design 

Dude to get inspired by!!!

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Dino Paxinos Assemblages Sculpture : 20th Century Vintage Furnishings & Design 

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Making of Set Model Box ‘Grimm Tales’ 1:25

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A Game of Shark and Minnow 

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